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Moth Preventives & Drying Crystals


Item#                                    Description                                          

200-3                             MOTH AWAY/Herbal 3/Pack
200                         MOTH AWAY/Herbal Box/24 sachet


  Item#                      Description
 ==========    ============
   1002RG          R.G no moth-clothes hanger          
   1021RG          Reefer Galler no moth-refill  

   1124RG          Reefer Galler 14oz  nugget              

   1142RG             Reefer Galler mothball pack        
   1210RG             Reefer Galler no mildew cake           
   1214RG             Reefer Galler Moth Cakes         
   125R36              Reefer Galler cake refill      
   139R                  ReeferGaller enoz cedar tree       
   1412RG             Reefer Galler laven. sachet      
   1474RG             Reefer Galler cedar aero SLA                   
    219RG              Reefer Galler 6oz mothteck                       
    220RG              Reefer Galler mothtek pak     
    29                     Reefer Galler bouquet-aire hang up cakes   
   4023RG             Reefer Galler enoz moth case   
   499LE(499LA)    ReeferGaller plastic w/2-3oz          
 Item#                      Description
 ==========    ============
    601                    Reefer Galler one drop                                                                                 
    755RG              Reefer Galler keep it dry                                                                         
    E10RG              Reefer Galler Moth Flakes           
    E20RG              Reefer Galler moth balls                                                                              
    KM8                 Reefer Galler enoz cedar sce                                                                               

Cedar Fresh

   Item#               Description /  
    120C                        Cedar Fresh cott laundry bag             
    17871                       Cedar Fresh balls                                              
    30203                       Cedar Fresh cedar blocks                     
    30271                       Cedar Fresh lavender blocks                    
    32103                       Cedar Fresh cedar hang-up                            
    32173                       Cedar Fresh hang up         
    55205                       Cedar Fresh cedar sachets                                                               
    73390                       Cedar fresh lint roll refill                         
    73700                       Cedar Fresh travel lint roll                    
    74203                       Cedar Fresh wash lint roller                             
    79101                      Cedar Fresh Lint Roller                  
    81702                      Cedar Fresh cedar power spra