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Hardwood Stakes
2 Feet
3 Feet
4 Feet
5 Feet
6 Feet
7 Feet
8 Feet

Madison Mills


.Great for the environment
.Oak does not rot & stakes can be reused
.Ready made holes for rope, zip ties or twine
. Keeps young trees in upright position
. Longer lengths for tomato stakes (Bundles of  6)

#401026 1” x 1 1/8” x 48”
#401028 1” x 1 1/8” x 60”
#401030 1” x 1 1/8” x 72”


Felco Pruners

Felco F2

Solidly forged metal alloy handles, Hollow ground Swiss precision hardened blade (not riveted), Anvil-blade with sap-groove, Hardened bolt and nut, Precision adjustment of blade and anvil, Rubber cushion stop for smooth work. All parts replaceable, Length 8 1/2”; weight 8.5 oz.

Felco F4

Similar to model F2 and with same quality blade adjustment by center bolt and locking nut, sap-groove and rubber cushion. Length 8 1/2”; weight 8 oz.

Felco F5

Similar to Model No. 4 but with solid steel handles. Quality blades for excellent cut. Length 9”, weight 11 oz.

Felco F6

Similar to No. 2, blade and anvil not riveted, narrow and short blades for cutting close to stem. Perfect for small and medium size hands and for ladies. Length 8”, weight 8 oz.

Felco F7

Similar to No. 2 but with rotating handle. Anvil-blade not riveted – easily replaceable. Length 8 1/2”, weight 10 oz.

Felco F8

Same features as Model No. 7 but without rotating handle. Blades angled to therefore improve lever action and increased cutting power. Length 8 1/2”, weight 8.5 oz.

Felco F9

A real left handed shear, all Features similar to Model No. 8. Length 8 1/2”, weight 8.5 oz.

Felco F10

A real left handed shear with rotating handle. Similar to Model No. 7. Length 8 1/2”, weight 10 oz.

Falco 600

Patented blade design prevents clogging and binding.
A wonderful gift for gardeners.

The patented blade design of this awesome saw keeps only the teeth in contact with the material being cut, preventing clogging and binding -- the sides of the 6" blade never come in contact with the wood. It cuts very quickly and cleanly. Far superior to any other saw we've tried...this sucker can even handle cutting down small trees! Dimensions: Overall - 11½"; Blade - 5½".

Felco Pruning Saw with Sheath, FELCO 620, 9.5"

Make smooth, precise branch cuts with the FELCO 620 Pruning Saw with Sheath. The rust-resistant, hard-chromed steel blade features razor sharp teeth impulse heat-treated for outstanding durability. The teeth face both directions for a fast, easy pull stroke and they never get gummed up with green soft wood. The cutting blade is thicker at the teeth and thinner towards the spine to prevent clogging and binding while sawing. The ergonomic, non-slip handle is made from comfortable materials for maximum hand comfort. The included plastic sheath can be converted for right or left handed use and features a detachable belt loop. Use the FELCO 620 Pruning Saw for precision pruning of your trees and shrubs.
Felco F910-1240

  • Single pocket leather tool holster
Felco Replacement Parts

2-3    Fits  Felco 2   
Felco 4     
5-3    Fits  Felco 5  
6-3    Fits  Felco 6
7-3    Fits  Felco7    Felco 8
9-3    Fits  Felco 9    Felco 10

2-91    Fits  Felco 2    Felco 4   Felco 7    Felco 8  Felco 9    Felco 10
5-91    Fits  Felco 5
6-91    Fits  Felco 6

With a lot of use, some components of the Felco pruners may eventually need replacing.